• ~7pm i took a 20-min power nap and it was possibly the best decision i have made in my entire life
  • there are 8 pages left in the notebook i started 8 oct 2013 and if i dont finish it in the next 7 days ima swan dive into a pool of sharks
  • everything i love in this world is on the list of activities prohibited for 24 hours post- wisdom tooth extraction
  • my girl is prettier than ur girl, deal w/ it

spontaneous generation/poem for my girl/something had to be done

what i learned in spring:
not all lies look the same.

yesterday i told my therapist
i don’t want anything anymore
and that was a true thing.

three minutes later i started
having a thought about you

and moths bloomed in my belly
as if it were a piece of rotting meat
inside a sealed container.

the truth is water-soluble
i’m kissing you in the street

want to fuck you in the ocean
want to drown us like glass bottles

Anonymous said: what is a typical day like for you?

  • wake up 7am
  • phys ed/physics/english/spanish/us/free/lunch/precalc/health 8am thru 2:45pm
  • therapy 3:30pm OR caliper 3:30pm OR waste time in english department/barnes & noble/etc.
  • homework gets done sometime between 5pm & 11pm, usually takes 3-4 hrs & is interspersed w/ reading, writing, tumblr, food, etc.
  • go to sleep ~12am